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Project Roles

Source Forge User Types

Unauthenticated User

A member of the general public who downloads and uses the test kit software.

Authenticated User

A person who has established a Source Forge user id and password. In order to obtain a user id, the person must sign Terms and Conditions, indicating that they promise to abide by the license terms of any project to which them make a contribution.


An Authenticated User who has obtained commit priveleges on a Source Forge Project.

Release Technicial

A Developer who also has the privelege to use the File Release System to create and post releases.

Project Administrators

The Authenticated User that created the project in the first place. The Project Administrator has all priveleges and can grant Developers Project Administrator priveleges. The Project Administrator also grants commit priveleges to Authenticated Users to enable them to be Developers.

Becoming a Developer

The steps to becoming a developer on the WSRPtk Project are as follows:

  1. Obtain a SourceForge account to become an Authenticated User and sign the Terms and Conditions
  2. Request Developer priveleges by sending an email to the Project Administrator
    • The OASIS Technical Committee Conformance Sub Committee must vote to grant developer priveleges to the requester.
    • The requester must be an employee of an OASIS TC member company.
  3. The Project Administrator will add priveleges to the requester's account.
Some Developers will also be granted Release Technician priveleges, according to the wishes of the Conformance Sub Committee.

Conformance Sub Committee

The OASIS Technical Committee Conformance Sub Committee is involved in the management of the WSRPtk project in the following ways:

  1. Chair of the Conformance Sub Committee will be granted Project Administrator priveleges.
  2. The Conformance Sub Committee votes to grant Project Administrator priveleges to one or more Developers.
  3. The Conformance Sub Committee votes to release each version of the Test Kit
  4. The Conformance Sub Committee designates a Developer (i.e. Release Technician) to publish the release to the File Release System
  5. The Conformance Sub Committee reviews and votes to accept 3rd Party Contributions

Handling 3rd Party Contributions

If a person who is not a Developer wishes to contribute code to the project:

  1. The Conformance Sub Committee shall review the code contribution to verify the origin of the code and that it can be released under the Common Public License.
  2. The Conformance Sub Committee votes to accept it.
  3. A Developer then commits the code to the project.