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WSRP V1 Conformance Test Kit


The V1 Conformance Test Kit is designed to verify conformance of running WSRP Producers and Consumers to the V1 WSRP Specification. The Test Kit does not provide 100% coverage of the V1 conformance statements. Refer to the WSRPtk project website under Feature Requests for a list of assertions that are outstanding.

This website provides documentation for the V1 Test Kit, but is also a work in progress. Information on how this website is produced can be found here.

Refer to links on left hand side of this page to find information on how to download the Test Kit and its prerequisites and how to configure and execute the Test Kit.

A rudimentary export of the Power Point tutorial is also provided. Most of this site's initial content has come from this tutorial. The documentation of how to write test assertions has not been incorporated into these web pages yet, so refer to the tutorial for help with development.

A brief overview of the architecture is available.

Documentation on adding Test Assertions to the test kit is found in the development section.